Electrolux 275L Nutrifresh Inverter Refrigerator - ETB2802J-A
Electrolux 275L Nutrifresh Inverter Refrigerator - ETB2802J-A
Electrolux 275L Nutrifresh Inverter Refrigerator - ETB2802J-A
Electrolux 275L Nutrifresh Inverter Refrigerator - ETB2802J-A


Electrolux 275L Nutrifresh Inverter Refrigerator - ETB2802J-A

RM 1,888.00

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Weight(grams): 1888

Key Specification


  • 1605 mm (H)

  • 540 mm (W)

  • 615 mm (D)

Gross fridge (L)

  • 199

Gross freezer (L)

  • 76

Gross total (L)

  • 275


Nutri Fresh Inverter
Flex Stor
Taste Seal -2C
Taste Lock
Eve nTemp
Taste Guard deodorizer
Twist and Serve ice maker

Fresh meat and fish, all week

Tender meat and delicious seafood, always stored and cooked from fresh. The TasteSeal compartment maintains a consistent temperature of -2°C to keep your best ingredients in prime condition for up to 7 days* without freezing. This means that you can always cook from fresh to serve meat and seafood that is juicy in texture, bright in colour, and delicious in taste.
*Passed TUV Rheinland testing of microbiology plate count in salmon, chicken, and beef. Average weight loss <2% after 7 days. Sample tested EBB3702K.

Fresh. Crisp. Nutritious.

Fresh. Crisp. Nutritious.

TasteLock allows you to adjust humidity levels in your crisper to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and tasty for longer.

EvenTemp. Tasty food.

Even Temp. Tasty food.

EvenTemp keeps your food tasty for longer by minimising temperature fluctuations. By cooling each shelf individually, a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the entire compartment, preserving taste and texture for longer.

Clean, hygienic storage

Clean, hygienic storage

Taste Guard uses a carbon filter to keep your fridge fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odours* that can change the taste and smell of your food.
*93.5% reduction in odour tested using protocol GB21551.4-2010

Twist. Serve. Enjoy.

Twist. Serve. Enjoy.

The Twist and Serve ice maker allows you to conveniently store cubed ice for your favourite cold drinks. Simply fill the ice tray with water, let it freeze, and then twist the knob to release the cubes into the storage container. Perfect for when you want to enjoy the taste of a refreshing cool drink with friends.

Excellent energy efficiency

Excellent energy efficiency

The NutriFresh inverter compressor keeps the temperature in your fridge consistent to save energy, whilst keeping food and drinks fresh.

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